2023-2024 Boys Tryout Results

We’re excited to announce our expansion of additional teams for the upcoming season and are actively seeking passionate individuals to join our growing teams.

If you’re enthusiastic about getting involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Player registration: Tryout Form

Email: coachbillgill72@gmail.com Phone: 330-554-5302

We can’t wait to hear from you!

All tryout results will be posted on this page.

To accept a bid, please complete the Bid Acceptance Form and email it to cevohio@gmail.com. More details on the bid acceptance process can be found on the Tryouts page.


TeamFirst NameLast Name
16U Sapphire Boys 2024BradenJohnson*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024BrockCole*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024CaseyCzekansky*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024EganFang*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024JackYoung*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024JacobPostlewaite*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024SaviorOwens*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024ZacheryWalsh*


TeamFirst NameLast Name
16U Boys AlternateAidenSharp