2024 Girls Fall Tryout Results

All tryout results will be posted on this page.

To accept your bid, please click here to complete the Bid Acceptance Form and email it to cevohio@gmail.com

More details on the bid acceptance process can be found on the Tryouts page.

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If you have questions, please contact Bill Gill at coachbillgill72@gmail.com or call/text after 6:00 pm 330-554-5302.


TeamFirst NameLast Name
10U Sapphire Girls 2024Angelina (AJ)Wolf*
10U Sapphire Girls 2024CharlotteChildress*
10U Sapphire Girls 2024ColtonThornton*
10U Sapphire Girls 2024CorahRohr*
10U Sapphire Girls 2024DempseyFalvo*
10U Sapphire Girls 2024LiamWolf*
10U Sapphire Girls 2024MorganMiller*
10U Sapphire Girls 2024VadaBandy*
12R Diamond Girls 2024AliviaFawver*
12R Diamond Girls 2024AngeliaMullane*
12R Diamond Girls 2024BerkleeBeatty*
12R Diamond Girls 2024HannahPage*
12R Diamond Girls 2024PresleeRector*
12R Diamond Girls 2024ReinaLascola
12R Diamond Girls 2024RowanGossett*
12R Diamond Girls 2024TatumAbbott*
12R Diamond Girls 2024VictoriaFichter*
12R Diamond Girls 2024ZoeyMcGinnis*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024AriaRomanello*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024Evelyn (Evy)Bandy*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024JillianLegg*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024JulianaFriedman(Long)*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024KellerEdgehouse*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024LaylahBradford*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024RobbanyBlakely*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024RyleeNjoroge*
12R Sapphire Girls 2024SawyerFalvo*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024AdysonWagner*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024AllieWatson*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024AubreyMiller*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024Ava (Jamie)Medina*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024BaileyCole*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024CassieRhome*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024EmmaVia*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024KaylenRies*
13A Sapphire Girls 2024KinsleyCrescenze*
13R Diamond Girls 2024AshtonVincent*
13R Diamond Girls 2024EstelleEdgehouse*
13R Diamond Girls 2024JohneshaMack*
13R Diamond Girls 2024KallieAbbott*
13R Diamond Girls 2024LeahThompson*
13R Diamond Girls 2024MaciTriplett*
13R Diamond Girls 2024RachelBeltz*
13R Diamond Girls 2024RileyAbney*
13R Diamond Girls 2024VivienneLongacre*
13R Onyx Girls 2024HaidynWard*
13R Onyx Girls 2024IsabellaKoehler*
13R Onyx Girls 2024JenaphurCrisp*
13R Onyx Girls 2024JosieLunau*
13R Onyx Girls 2024KataraSims*
13R Onyx Girls 2024KennediKoth*
13R Onyx Girls 2024MakaylaTish*
13R Onyx Girls 2024PaytonSchweizer-Van Pelt*
13R Onyx Girls 2024RivaBista*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024AlainaWeingart*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024BridgetNewtz*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024CaydenceGreene*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024GraceLattavo*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024JemmaWeisel*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024KenyaNjoroge*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024MelainaKnop*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024NaomiSeeden*
14A Sapphire Girls 2024TrueTango*
14R Coral Girls 2024AdalineWeaver*
14R Coral Girls 2024AddisonMcCaslin*
14R Coral Girls 2024AnnaliaMullins*
14R Coral Girls 2024CarolineKandel*
14R Coral Girls 2024ChazmierTravis*
14R Coral Girls 2024DestanyBrown*
14R Coral Girls 2024MakaylaTroyer*
14R Coral Girls 2024MayaWilson*
14R Coral Girls 2024SerenityStickley*
14R Diamond Girls 2024KaraBowers*
14R Diamond Girls 2024KaseyConrad*
14R Diamond Girls 2024KendallSlone*
14R Diamond Girls 2024MadilynAngstadt*
14R Diamond Girls 2024MollyStephen*
14R Diamond Girls 2024MorganAustin*
14R Diamond Girls 2024PeytonSlone*
14R Diamond Girls 2024StellaHalter*
14R Diamond Girls 2024VioletHanlin*
14R Onyx Girls 2024AddisonSchaal*
14R Onyx Girls 2024EllaOliver*
14R Onyx Girls 2024HaylieReynolds*
14R Onyx Girls 2024JoslynnKlever*
14R Onyx Girls 2024khloeFinefrock*
14R Onyx Girls 2024MilanaGibbs*
14R Onyx Girls 2024NicoleKnous*
14R Onyx Girls 2024TeaganFrey*
15A Diamond Girls 2024AbekaFouts*
15A Diamond Girls 2024AnnaBossler*
15A Diamond Girls 2024HaileyWhite*
15A Diamond Girls 2024IsabelVia*
15A Diamond Girls 2024JennaDowell*
15A Diamond Girls 2024JocelynMaldonado*
15A Diamond Girls 2024KamrynKnotts*
15A Diamond Girls 2024MakenzieNawrocki*
15A Diamond Girls 2024SavannaSalvino*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024AlexisFawver*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024AubrieonaRummell*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024AujanaeBenjamin*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024KaitrinBurnworth*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024KatelynnMiller*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024LilieKenley*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024LilyannaWells*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024MakenaMcPeek*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024MariahThornton*
15A Sapphire Girls 2024ReghanReedy*
15R Onyx Girls 2024AvaHaun*
15R Onyx Girls 2024BridgettRash*
15R Onyx Girls 2024EnveyDillworth*
15R Onyx Girls 2024JusticeMorgan*
15R Onyx Girls 2024KylieOyler*
15R Onyx Girls 2024MeghanRavine*
15R Onyx Girls 2024StormyBrown*
15R Onyx Girls 2024TaekoThompson*
15R Onyx Girls 2024VioletRhoads*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024AubrieWatson*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024BaileyWeirich*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024CarleeRhome*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024HaileyGill*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024HaleyThompson*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024KenahdeeSearcy*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024MabelKiko*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024PeytonMcKenzie*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024TessO'donnell*
16A Sapphire Girls 2024ToriStahlman*
16R Diamond Girls 2024AcadiaThorne*
16R Diamond Girls 2024AddisonCady*
16R Diamond Girls 2024GabriellaGiltz
16R Diamond Girls 2024HajileDanzy*
16R Diamond Girls 2024JulianaBartolone*
16R Diamond Girls 2024KaitlynSpeck*
16R Diamond Girls 2024KamrinBroel*
16R Diamond Girls 2024MiraLewis*
16R Diamond Girls 2024SaniyaMarshall*
16U GirlsMakennaKnop*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024BradenJohnson*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024BrockCole*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024CaseyCzekansky*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024EganFang*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024GavinBahmer*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024JackYoung*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024JacobPostlewaite*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024SaviorOwens*
16U Sapphire Boys 2024ZacheryWalsh*
17A Diamond Girls 2024breebowman
17A Diamond Girls 2024BrennaRaber*
17A Diamond Girls 2024CaeleaCochran*
17A Diamond Girls 2024ChloeBrindley*
17A Diamond Girls 2024ElliannahRohr*
17A Diamond Girls 2024JadelynnWeisel*
17A Diamond Girls 2024JennaPettay*
17A Diamond Girls 2024MaclainStutz*
17A Diamond Girls 2024MorganHolling*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024BaileyPlack*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024BrooklynNolletti*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024EllionaStidd*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024HaileyConrad*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024IsabelleStoldt*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024LilyGalbraith*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024MadalynCoblentz*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024RachelBleininger*
17A Sapphire Girls 2024SaraGeibel*
17R Onyx Girls 2024adriannellis*
17R Onyx Girls 2024AllisonKrummel*
17R Onyx Girls 2024CassidyKilgore*
17R Onyx Girls 2024Che'vahBeasley*
17R Onyx Girls 2024DelaneyFalvo*
17R Onyx Girls 2024GabrielleEdmonds*
17R Onyx Girls 2024GraceHickman*
17R Onyx Girls 2024SierraFoster*
17R Onyx Girls 2024TrynateaHall
18R Diamond Girls 2024BellaAustin*
18R Diamond Girls 2024DemiFaiello*
18R Diamond Girls 2024gracemcquown*
18R Diamond Girls 2024KylieBush*
18R Diamond Girls 2024mackenzieneininger*
18R Diamond Girls 2024MadieEl Faye*
18R Diamond Girls 2024MakyahMaple*
18R Diamond Girls 2024MYCAHFREEMAN*
18R Onyx Girls 2024BriannaStoner*
18R Onyx Girls 2024CamdenDolan*
18R Onyx Girls 2024KateOliver*
18R Onyx Girls 2024KayleeDavis*
18R Onyx Girls 2024LocieLevengood*
18R Onyx Girls 2024McKennaWeber
18R Onyx Girls 2024OliviaHayes*
18R Onyx Girls 2024RachelDunkle*
18R Onyx Girls 2024Sophia MSmith
18R Sapphire Girls 2024EmmaWeirich*
18R Sapphire Girls 2024JaylaBrinson*
18R Sapphire Girls 2024MadisonKessler*
18R Sapphire Girls 2024MeganLantis*
18R Sapphire Girls 2024NotoriaBarnes*
18R Sapphire Girls 2024OliviaDeSarro*
18R Sapphire Girls 2024RobbaniqueaBlakely*
18R Sapphire Girls 2024SarahMohr*


TeamFirst NameLast Name
12U Alternate Girls 2024JordanHardy
12U Alternate Girls 2024SophieWebb
13U Alternate Girls 2024AliviaLab
13U Alternate Girls 2024BaileyCraig
13U Alternate Girls 2024KatieEldridge
13U Alternate Girls 2024MorganRoss
13U Alternate Girls 2024NadineLechleiter
14U Alternate Girls 2024AlexandriaBurke
14U Alternate Girls 2024MarianaPryor
14U Alternate Girls 2024RileyBrainerd
15U Alternate Girls 2024AlexisCelaya
15U Alternate Girls 2024AubriannaMiller
15U Alternate Girls 2024AunaleighOyster
15U Alternate Girls 2024AvaUmstead
15U Alternate Girls 2024KaliBettis
15U Alternate Girls 2024KatlynnNawrocki
15U Alternate Girls 2024LaurenLucas
15U Alternate Girls 2024LynnleyJackson
15U Alternate Girls 2024MeganMcKenzie
15U Alternate Girls 2024MollyPreising
15U Alternate Girls 2024MyiaChanget
15U Alternate Girls 2024RileyCraig
15U Alternate Girls 2024SierraHughes
16U Alternate Girls 2024AnnaWeber
16U Alternate Girls 2024ArielleLeMonte
16U Alternate Girls 2024BrooklynLehigh
16U Alternate Girls 2024EmilyHootman
16U Alternate Girls 2024LaurenFishburn
16U Alternate Girls 2024LexiSnyder
16U Alternate Girls 2024MackenzieErvin
16U Alternate Girls 2024MadalynHubbard
16U Alternate Girls 2024MadelynPower
16U Alternate Girls 2024SamanthaMoll
16U Boys AlternateAidenSharp
17U Alternate Girls 2024BriannaStitt
17U Alternate Girls 2024ChloeHarris
17U Alternate Girls 2024DanielleBower
17U Alternate Girls 2024EmmersonKush
17U Alternate Girls 2024NicoleLanham
18U Alternate Girls 2024AbbyMoody
18U Alternate Girls 2024AnnaPopovic