Summer Tryout Information for Prospective Players and Families

We know you have many different clubs to choose from for your JO season.  We appreciate you  for making Club Extreme your first choice. We want to first thank you for your interest in our tryouts. We hope that you find our try-outs run smoothly and well organized, and that your athlete has a positive and helpful environment. We here at Club Extreme were looking forward to these tryouts and working with you. We wish you the best for this upcoming season no matter where you may play.

We understand that this year is a bit different with tryouts being held in summer. First, do not attend any tryouts prior to July 7th, 2023, you can lose your high school eligibility. CEV will be holding Summer and Fall tryouts. We want to be transparent with our families. CEV has put in place guidelines to maintain the integrity of our teams and fairness to our athletes and families. Please understand that these guidelines are here to protect all.

  1. Summer Tryout bids offered are for the club.
  2. Should a player become injured during their school season, the club has the right to revoke the offer. This will be on a case-by-case basis. We will work with the families and athletes.
  3. To ensure the integrity of our teams, should a player not make their school team and are offered a summer bid, they are required to come to Fall tryouts to be re-evaluated for team placement.
  4. Also, any player that has tried out during the summer, may attend fall tryouts at no charge. This will assist CEV on team placement. This is an option that the athlete may do or not.

If you could not attend the summer tryout or are not offered a bid, do not panic. We are only offering a limited number of bids in the summer. We understand that families have made plans this summer and may conflict with tryouts and most of all, athletes may need a break to recharge. We prefer physical and mentally healthy athletes. Please attend the fall tryouts to be evaluated. Most athletes improve by having another school season under them. We will see via the growth in the fall.

Don’t be pressured to sign up with a club in the summer if you do not feel it’s the right fit. All clubs are all in the same situation. Please be aware, emails are binding if you accept via email and according to the Bill of Rights the signing deadline dates are below.

Per the OVR, 2023-2024 Girls’ Tryout Dates and Acceptance Signing Deadlines  

USAV age 1st approved TRYOUT Date                            Team player Signing Date       

10s- 18s Friday July 7- July 16, 2023                                 Wednesday, July 19, 2023-12 pm                        

10s-12s Friday, October 20,2023                                    Wednesday, October 25,2023-9 pm  

13s-14s Friday, October 27, 2023                                    Wednesday, November 1, 2023-9pm  

15s-18s Sunday, November 12, 2023                              Wednesday, November 15, 2023-9pm  

Offers extended AFTER THE INITIAL SIGNING DATE must provide the athlete a minimum of 48 hours to make a decision. 

Should you find you want to try out for Club Extreme, kindly complete the tryout application.

Questions, please contact any of the following directors:

Kathy Lightfoot, Club Director    330-546-4215

Bill Gill, Asst Director                 330-554-5302

Anthony Austin, Asst Director    614-207-7995

Bob Mohr, Asst Director                        330-353-1144