Club Extreme Volleyball recap – the weekend of February 5-6, 2022

Many of the Club Extreme Volleyball teams were in action this, many in their first weekend of play. It was a great weekend of volleyball, with most of our teams at the 2022 Terry Miller All-American Classic and others at tournaments around the area.

A shoutout by coach Lindsay Covey on a player on her 11U Sapphire team

Cassie Rhome was the glue that held us all together this weekend. I asked her to play the role of captain this tournament since she knew what we were getting into. Cassie is no stranger to the long tournament days (her sister is Carlee Rhome of 14A). Cassie went above and beyond making sure her team understood what camp was, how warm ups worked, pool play vs. tournament play and everything else logistics. She also maintained a level head the entire day, helping her fellow teammates who became overwhelmed at the chaos of their first tournament. Cass even was the second referee for two matches in which she helped the head official make the right call. Our player had mistakenly called in when a ball was out of bounds. This player verbally said out but simply was overwhelmed in the moment. Unfortunately, we had a coach who was debating the call with Cass before I could step in. Cass simply approached the official’s stand, explained the situation, the official made the correct call and play resumed almost without pause in momentum. It was the most impressively mature resolve I’ve ever seen someone that age accomplish especially with the pressure of another team’s coach. Everyone came to play that day but Cass came for volleyball if you know what I mean!

See this weekend’s results below…